Event Venue at Bawarchi Biryanis

Your next event could be held at Bawarchi Biryanis Columbus on Sawmill Road. Whether it’s a Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary, Retirement or Reunion, you will find a great place to have fun and eat. Allow us to serve you with the most delicious Indian Buffet in Columbus.

Have Your Next Weding at Bawarchi Biryani Columbus

Weddings at Bawarchi Biryani

When you are having a wedding, the last thing you need to worry about is where your loved ones will eat some great food in a nice venue. Call Bawarchi’s event coordinator for your next wedding reception in Columbus. We will make sure everyone is taken care of and that your time with us and each other is enjoyable and worry free.

Graduations at Bawarchi Biryani

Graduations come in many forms: High School, Kindergarten, College, Doctoral and even Post Doctoral. Whatever the sheepskin being given, call Bawarchi Biryani in Columbus today to book your next event. Our event coordinator will call you back within 24 hours to see how we can prepare to show you the best time and serve you the best food. Call at 614-389-1930 today.

Have Your Next Graduation Party at Bawarchi Biryani Columbus
Have Your Next Anniversary Party at Bawarchi Biryani Columbus

Anniversaries at Bawarchi Biryani

No matter how many years has come and gone for whatever anniversary you are celebrating, Bawarchi Biryani Columbus has a great venue for you to enjoy your family or loved ones. Our food is exquisite and prepared to your liking. Call our event coordinator today to reserve your date. We go above and beyond to make sure your day is special.

Retirements at Bawarchi Biryani

Retirement. To some, it brings fear of an uncertain future. To others, joy and anticipation. Whatever your emotions, take some time to meet with those who want to congratulate you and show you their love. Call Bawarchi’s event coordinator for your retirement event in Columbus at 614-389-1930.

Have Your Next Retirement Party at Bawarchi Biryani Columbus
Have Your Next Reunion Party at Bawarchi Biryani Columbus

Reunions at Bawarchi Biryani

There’s nothing like a family getting together to greet and love each other again. Here at Bawarchi, we make sure you have the time of your life. You need not worry about the food, everyone will love our prepared meals for your buffet or individual service. Call today at 614-389-1930 to reserve your venue.

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